As well as support from the vegan community seeing the work being done by other activists can  inspire and motivate us to further action and keep us going when we’re feeling down or overwhelmed.


Below are a some of the videos I’ve found particularly inspiring along the way;


Man starts dancing and the crowd gets up to join in;!


Gary Yourofsky ‘Best Speech You Will Ever Hear’ – worth watching intro


Father Frank Man – Priest Talks about waking to veganism


‘‘I’m Vegan’’  – Testimonies from vegans

Gary L Francione
















Veganism on the rise in Israel – Prime time TV coverage


Vegan Celebrities – Part 1


Vegans in Vegas – Men talking about their vegan awakening


Justin Timberlake Funny Sketch supporting Vegans on Saturday Night Live


Tribe of heart seasons of heart

– support for vegan activists who may be experiencing stress or burnout




Uprooting The Leading Causes of Death


Dr Brian Clements of Hippocrates Healing Centre


Great documentary!  – Dying To Have Known


Article Humans are Physiological Herbivores



Great talk exposing the myths about meat and dairy being good for us and giving information which helps allay the concerns about not getting enough protein or calcium.  This is a great educative talk about how to meet all your nutritional requirements on a vegan diet.



In the ANIMALS section of this blog you will find lots of information and resources about the suffering of animals.  But the main two videos covering the abuse of animals in our society which I most often recommend to people are these.

Meat Video – Mercy For Animals Shows Standard Industry Treatment of Animals


Earthlings – Documentary covering the abuse of other species in all aspects of our society



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