Price of a human soul


Have you noticed how childish non vegans are? Any non vegans out there… just listen to yourselves… you’re like playground bullies… its like Lord of the Flies. You are being as beastly, evil and spiritually childish as you could possibly be. All of you.

Talk about spit your dummy out!

‘Don’t want to stop ! Don’t care about the animals ! Don’t care what horrific torture and mutilation they went through ! Don’t care about the billion starving people! Don’t care about the earth is gonna die ! Don’t care ! Don’t care ! Don’t care ! I want what I want when I want it and I’m gonna get it ! Fuck you ! Fuck the animals ! I’ll mock and jeer and sneer and bully and jibe you for caring, for mentioning it… I’ll deny, lie, twist everything you say and come out with the most evil, empty, sick, twisted justifications for it… but I WILL HAVE MY DUMMY!

Sometimes I try to tell myself that the reason people don’t FEEL anything for their victims, the animals, starving people, the earth… is that its just too painful for them to take on board. Because we who do care, who aren’t insane babies, who are vegan… are in living hell everyday haunted by the knowing of all the torture and mutilations and suffering and imminent death of all life on earth. Maybe its just all too scary for people, too painful for them. Yeah…its not that they just don’t care…its that they care SO MUCH… its unbearable for them.

Or do i just tell myself that because its unbearable for me to believe that 99% of all humans on earth, even if they’re mothers who say they care about their children, people who claim to care about truth and corruption, so called spiritual people, people who claim to care about the environment or justice in some respect, people who are teachers, whose job it is to consider and prepare for the future generations of life on earth, people who say they are ‘‘good’’ people and ‘‘animal lovers’’ …. are really all just completely evil bullying belligerent couldn’t give a fuck… MORAL BABIES. Worse.. they’re as EVIL by now as the evil people in control who they intentionally sold their souls to.

Here… have my soul. I’ll give it to you for the taste of anything I like, when I like, and so long as you give me enough entertainment on the side, I don’t care who you torture, who starves or if the whole world dies.

What’s the price of a human soul? The ability to eat what they want, when they want, have the approval of everyone around them, 1 television and to be ‘‘normal’’ above all… to be ‘‘normal’’.

Human souls are pretty cheap really aren’t they. Here you go Illuminati. Here you go any Satanic force who wants to cause as much suffering on earth and ultimately destroy all life on earth. Here’s your 7 billion evil followers, price of their sworn allegiance won’t cost you much at all.

Let’s just hope their entry price to hell is paid the very same way.




Wrote a post this morning about the freedom we briefly had with Facebook as a platform for information sharing and tool for social activism. How it was like a careless slave owner left the gate open and for a short time we experienced truth flooding out and social change rapidly beginning to take place. Before they stopped it.

In a conversation below this post someone reminded me that Facebook is now one of the most convenient ways for the evil elite to use to surveil our every thought, word and move. This made me consider that actually, slave owners are rarely careless… all they care about is control. Possibly they just gave us that momentary freedom, so they could enslave us all the more thoroughly through monitoring our every word at a later date.

Anger naturally arose towards these psychopaths in control of us, who have used for millennia first religious indoctrination, our education systems, then more recently TeleVision Programming and all other technological media outlets to intensify the brainwashing and social control further.

But then quickly it dawned on me though that the real evil in this world is not this ruling group of psychopaths, but the people who in their everyday lives choose always the most comfortable selfish path, choose to say nothing when they should speak out, people who have just lived their lives on this earth as if they had no responsibility or care for anyone but their immediate loved ones and social circle.

Its the people who chose these this lazy, selfish, materialistic path in life, those who shrugged their shoulders to the suffering in the world and told themselves it wasn’t their responsibility. Those people who just financed their own security and lived in ways which just looked after number one….who are the real evil.

Its the people who in their relationships, from their earliest family and school experiences to their later working lives, who, how many times a day, kept quiet for an easy life rather than speaking out about any injustice, or saying something just because they knew it was true and truth should be shared. The people who seemed to have no recognition of the importance of truth in any area of their lives who instead just kept their heads down, fitting in, going along with and doing what was just easiest for them.

Its the people who were so emotionally, spiritually and morally dead from this continual serving of their own comforts, pleasures and conveniences… who were so out of touch with their conscience, if they even ever had a conscience…that when they heard the vegan message, heard they were herbivores and needed to harm nobody, heard about the horrific suffering of animals, heard about the billion starving humans and dying earth caused by the meat and dairy industries…. CHOSE… instead… as is their habitual way… to not care, to serve their own pleasures comforts and gains at all these others expense… who are really to blame here.

If every single human being had made facing and speaking truth their daily moral code, if every single human had always striven to face painful realities, whether personally or globally with the view of taking whatever courageous or challenging action was required to heal, make sense and make right of it all… then we’d not be in this situation.

Our world leaders are only extreme charactures of the average, self serving consumer, they perfectly represent the hoards of people who were always happy to let any amount of violence and injustice be inflicted on others, so long as they or their personal loved ones were not immediately effected. Who were even happy to knowingly serve an evil unjust system, for their own bit of security within that. Our leaders are just more extreme versions of our own violence and selfishness.

The only way this situation is going to change is by each person learning to live honestly, with compassion, lives of integrity.

Just as the corrupt systems of governance of this world have their farcical political face, the ridiculous illusion that they are ”good” people… so too, do all non vegans.

Both are equally violent, cruel, deceitful, cowardly, self serving and ultimately and everyday in their daily activities… pure fucking evil.



Its taken months really to fully absorb the effect of Facebook being rendered absolutely useless as a tool for activism.

First of all, Facebook was some kind of miracle, some radically hopeful freedom, like some careless slave owner left the door to the cage open and the truth and people speaking it flooded out finally released from their age old bondage.

It felt so hopeful. Like finally the truth had a place it could emerge and transform the dominant cultural paradigm of brainwashed, selfish, violent, apathetic consumers.

I watched as the Facebook of old enabled pages to grow naturally according to the interest they generated, as my community page speaking the truth about the animals, other community pages speaking the truth about political corruption, grew like proverbial wildfire.

We all grew up in a world where rarely did anyone find a platform to reach a wider audience than our immediate family or friends or people we could reach through leafletting in the street. The publishers and producers of mainstream media were a closed shop. We were imprisoned utterly in the way Tina Cubberley describes so well in this talk (see link below), being fed highly toxic information, kept passive and silent, controlled and manipulated, like mental and spiritual babies.

Then for a while there, through Facebook, the violently oppressed had found their voice. The truth was getting out. About everything.

I watched as literally hundreds more people each day came to my community page. Watched as this happened to other pages, and whilst we all collectively began to face some painful horrific truths, simultaneously something inside us was celebrating our freedom and the potential for using this free media outlet to finally liberate ourselves and all the oppressed animals and people’s of this world, even the earth herself, from the evil and tyranny which those who have the power and money, the psychopaths who have ruled this world and dominated, controlled and manipulated society for millennia.

They couldn’t let that continue could they? So first, suddenly, overnight, the people coming to our pages, dropped in number by half. A few months later again the same thing happened. Then again, and again. A button appeared at the bottom of each post offering to sell us back our audience. Not that activists had the money to pay for their freedom to be given back to them, but for those who tried this button and paid for their posts to be shared to a wider audience again, they said that it made virtually no difference anyway. The button offering us to pay for our freedom didn’t actually work anyway. This was all just Facebook selling out to corporate evil who infiltrated its mechanisms some way and utterly sabotaged it rendering it useless as a tool for spreading truth and creating social change.

The slave owners figured out a way to shut the door on truth again.

So many of us are still dealing psychologically with this blow. Many are continuing to bash their heads against the cage door. Still persist in thinking Facebook is a tool for activism. But anyone honestly appraising the effectiveness of their efforts, must surely have noticed, that Facebook, now, is nothing more than a forum where we can connect with friends whose pages we intentionally go to visit.

What I notice though as I’ve begun to watch the growing number of Truth movement videos on Youtube, is there is springing up of a whole network of Truth TV. Either via radio podcast interviews, or people recording live footage through their webcams, or those who have more technical know how who have produced their own documentaries… more and more truth is out there everyday. More and more people are abandoning lamestream media in droves, particularly the young and creating their own Truth media alternative.

Even as we do create these alternative forms of Truth TV, the evil cabal who control everything as best they can for their own profit and gain, who seek to remain in power and unchallenged as they always have been, are controlling what comes up in search engines. This is an information war and everything is at stake, literally, the animals continued torture suffering and death for passive consumer pleasures, the souls of those apathetic uncaring brainwashed consumers, even the future of life on earth.

As Tina Cubberley says so well in this talk, we must not seek to be published, produced or represented by the mainstream control systems and media of this world, but reject it for the evil it is. Create instead our own, self governed, channels of spreading the truth in a world of lies via other, less controlled social media outlets, we must seek out wherever there is a gate open for truth and use it. Not remain stuck bashing our heads against the Facebook closed cage door.



Been thinking a lot about porn the last couple of days… more, I’ve been feeling about it. How poisonous and toxic it is to our minds, how utterly degrading to our sexuality, how completely ruined the minds of almost all boys and now girls are too over the age of 13. Some start as early as 10 with it. Its just what the young people watch now, what they think sex is.

Men are different too now, in the way they are sexually and in my experience the way they treat women, since this internet porn extravaganza appeared. It just suddenly struck me yesterday how tragic it is that young women these days won’t know what men were like before porn. I feel lucky to be born at a time when I can remember what men were like pre-porn.

When I was young men I’m sure fantasized about sex as much as they do now, but they used their imaginations, generally. May have had the odd picture to look at but mostly I didn’t know guys who used magazines that way. They had sex with real women or used their imaginations. But they weren’t so preoccupied with it, its like porn has turned sex into a commodity and an addiction. Which honestly, sorry guys, but its possible to feel that coming off you like an energy, and really, its a toxic, perverse… really Eeeew… feeling to pick up. It affects your aura, your attitude, your energy. Just does. It comes out in things you say, ways you joke, references you make that porn watchers are completely unaware they’re making. They’re just in ‘that’ headspace regarding sex. Once you’re not and you’ll pulled yourself out of it, its honestly as gross as listening to someone talk about their steak or burger. Listening to speciesism in action.

Last night I watched a movie which expressed really well how twisted many men’s sexuality has become, how impeded in their ability to relate some men are by this use of porn. The character in the movie was a pretty damaged soul anyway but his extreme example was only a characterized version of the fix many men are in with it.

Oh the outcry that will be felt that I dare to say porn is anymore than just ‘harmless fun’.

Yeah… like heroin is. Like meat and dairy is. Like take the most sacred act of life and turning it into the most base act of disgusting grossness imaginable, turning women into breasts cunts and asses and men and women into almost abusers. Because that’s what it gets like… that addiction. The girls have to be younger and younger, or the sex more and more twisted. How many orifices can you get a penis into at once.

I mean… its making my skin crawl to even write or think about it.

But this morning these thoughts dovetailed with the thoughts about how people are basically obedient slaves and how, as obedient slaves, the meaninglessness, emptiness and outright misery induced by feeling they have no free will, or never expressing who they really are, just fitting into the status quo… seems to increase their need for gorging on things they can have but know aren’t really good for them. Like porn and food and drugs and well… whatever makes them feel like they’re free, or momentarily distracted and comforted in this awful prison they find themselves in.

Because until not so long ago their lives were even more controlled in that religion dominated them to the point where they couldn’t have sex or children outside marriage, hell, they couldn’t swear or Blaspheme, take ‘the Lord’s’ name in vein. What a scam! Brainwash everyone to believe in an invisible Lord who has so many rules to live by they don’t even know who they are anymore. Just insanely brainwashed obedient slaves.

Now we are kind of freeing ourselves from that. We have more freedom, and I think this totally debauched, no holds barred, try anything we like, approach to sex, drugs and all out behaviors may be a kind of backlash to all that religious repression.

But as people do recover their own will, by choosing to live ethically from their hearts, in spite of what the people around them say. When they take their real power back, to refuse to participate in the culture of violence towards other species, refuse to live empty, purposeless, meaningless destructive lives of cruelty…just because everyone else does… just because its easiest… I hope that all areas of their lives will be lifted up a level. Particularly the area of sex. I’m honestly going to duck out of relationships for the rest of my life…or.. until I meet a man who can see how disgusting porn is and hasn’t used it for years.

I used it too, I went down every dark path I could find to travel down to see what was there. Probably find it hard to be more disgusting than I’ve been in my life. It took years before my sexuality began to right itself, my perspective change after stopping using porn. I don’t think it ever really will be in some ways put right in this lifetime. Damage is done.

Went to this tantra workshop a few years back and we did all kinds of exercises to awaken our senses, it was beautiful, not sexual at all, but about coming into the body into greater awareness of all your senses in the moment, being more in the heart, more open, or doing exercises which showed us where our blocks to intimacy with others were, how frightening that can be. Because all this fucking and sucking… is not intimacy, its the opposite of intimacy, often is used to avoid intimacy whilst in a twisted way seeking it.

There was this one exercise of raising awareness of the sense of ‘touch’ which I partnered up with a woman to do. I’m glad because I felt more comfortable that we were the odd women out as everyone else partnered up in opposite sex couples. But with her it just felt so safe. We took turns, the exercise was for one of us to lay down and the other to sit at the top of our head and just gently stroke the other’s forehead in this backwards repetitive motion, one hand following on from another. It was over our third eye area and very hypnotic. In the ten minutes or so she did this I just went to this deep deep place. The gentle simplicity of this touch, the kindness in it, the lack of seeking for personal gain, the safety and surrender I felt suddenly made me feel as innocent as a child and yet it felt like I carried in my aura and memory all my sexual experiences or experiences of touch as an adult and so much of them were just disgusting and toxic and troubled and abusive actually… in a totally normalized way. Like we don’t even know how disgusting and depraved we’ve become. I felt all this as she stroked my head as if healing water were being poured, a healing touch came to show me how toxic touch had been all the memories accumulated in my body of that.

Juxtaposing this wounded degraded and distorted toxic sexuality with the insanity of torturing and killing animals for pleasure, all of this done as if its as normal as breathing, its like nobody can see quite how grotesque a species we’ve become.

In so many ways, how far from a state of grace and the sacred we’ve gone into not only the profane but as violently abusive and utterly without sensitivity or respect we possibly could.



Last night I watched a film about the Rwandan genocide in 1994. It started out as some kind of military coup, but then everyone joined in, all the Hutu people just began massacring all the Tutsi people. It would be like, if everyone in UK were really racist and everyone hated Muslims, despised and wished to be rid of them.

Imagine if everyone in Uk who wasn’t Muslim, after some behind the scenes covert planning, making lists of every Muslim family in the country, suddenly one day went out with machetes and their list and began systematically massacring all the Muslims….the plan being to keep going till there wasn’t one left alive.

The story focused on this one school in a city in Rwanda where hundreds of Tutsi people had gone for safety because UN soldiers were there and they thought they would protect them. What was interesting was the way they showed the change in people as the day came when the Hutu began the killing.

Missionary workers at the school who regularly shopped at Hutu shops and worked with Hutu people, suddenly experienced this new side to people they’d never seen before. A really dark side. Like the Hutu people’s usual friendly disposition was some kind of mask they could take off at will and suddenly now they were not only displaying extreme racism toward the Tutsi, but there was something else about them too. Something which reminded me about non vegans.

Something about the expression on their faces, of a person who knows they’ve chosen the dark side, knows they are doing wrong, but are going to do it anyway, no matter what you say.

They were not only massacring and committing heinous atrocities of violence and cruelty, but they were enjoying it, the belligerence, displaying callous cackling laughter in the face of a sincere missionary who just stared at them from a place of complete sanity amongst the lunacy. They loathed the missionary’s ‘‘goodness’’, they laughed at it. Swung their machetes over piles of dead bodies and laughed in the face of goodness.

Yes… really, very little difference between them and a belligerent non vegan.

The Dream



“That’s why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

George Carlin

I just realized the last few years I’ve been mapping out hell. Cataloguing the atrocities whilst almost everyone remains in the consensus trance of normal, seeing none of it. I was in that trance too, the dream…we all fell for that one to a large extent, even if we were fighting against it and always seeking deeper truths. Nobody escaped the saturation of our consciousness with ‘the dream’.

When I first saw, I woke up. I remember the first few days walking around with this horror inside me and the overwhelming urge to tell everyone I encountered, but looking at everyone and seeing so clearly they were in this trance of normal. Normal being this really small worldview only really centred on our personal concerns, with only the vaguest understanding, hints we pay little attention to, of what’s actually going on beyond our personal world.

But when you wake up to care about the world beyond your small social circle, really care, then you see we are all in hell.

I mean, hundreds of billions of animals are being hyper confined, mutilated, raped, having their babies stolen, are brutally slaughtered, terrified and neglected throughout their whole lives, every year, for humans pleasure, habit or convenience.

That’s reality. That and the fact that half of the humans on the earth’s lives are based in the consumption not only of the tortured animals, but also in the enslavement and persecution of the other half of the world. One half lives lives of consumption, whilst the other half labor under brutal oppressive regimes, so that companies in the west get better profits…and westerners get better bargains.

Reality is the earth is being catastrophically demolished, an acre per second of rainforest filled with life is burnt to the ground to graze intentionally bred animals or grow crops to feed them for the meat and dairy industry. Our oceans so polluted with toxic waste from the farms and abattoirs that large dead zones are appearing where nothing can live or grow.

When most humans main activity is gorging on the tortured flesh or stolen babies milk of others, then the people who are doing the killing and baby stealing for them, who are funded with their every purchase, these are the people going to grow richest in the world.

So now we also have psychopaths who are the richest most influential people in the world, all of their actions driven and paid for, by people who are…. living ‘the dream’.

Walking The Talk


Its astounding the frequency with which non vegans continually refer to their abuse of other species without even realizing they’re doing it. Usually to describe how affronted they are that someone treated them like they were ‘nothing more than an animal’ – how hard they were worked, how little they were respected, how terrible the conditions they were forced to endure, how insignificant their soul or lives were to their abuser. Yet they talk about it as if there is no problem with abusing animals that way, their only problem is that they themselves are being treated the way they treat animals!

flogging a dead horse
straw that broke the camel’s back
kill two birds with one stone
letting the cat out of the bag

I can’t think of the other commonly used metaphors just now, but usually non vegans make a reference to one of them or just have to mention what they ate, what they are going to eat, their nice new leather bag or shoes. Whatever it is, animal abuse references are in almost everything they say.

In all the ‘truth movement’ videos I’ve watched, or the ‘occupy movement’ footage I notice that I am all caught up listening to what is being said then suddenly out of the blue is this one word or whole sentence metaphor which refers to their own abuse of animals. In that moment my own mind is flooded with the greatest horror, my heart breaking for the hundreds of billions of animals in living hell right now, suffering like no human ever has… these people’s hands. Takes me a good few minutes further in their talk or video to even resume fully listening because part of me is so revolted, so outraged, that I’m listening to a person who couldn’t care less about their own tortured victims and here they are with ‘The cheek of the Devil’ complaining they’re beginning to be treated the very way they treat their victims.

As I face this almost universal schism this complete lack of concern for the horrific suffering of animals in the vast majority of the human population….I cannot help but take some comfort from the knowledge that they have no solution to their own situation, their own abuse, because they are so unwilling to look at the root cause of the problem. The solution, ironically, is staring up at them, is right there on their plates, but they’re too damned greedy and uncaring to see it.

Whilst for humans in their self preoccupation their own story is the only one they talk or think about…to any off planet observer the only story on earth which matters….is the one where 7 billion souls, tortured and killed hundreds of billions of other souls every year, totally trashing the earth in the damage their torture and abuse industries caused, until there was no life on earth left for them to torture and kill.

Till they were in fact. ‘Dead as dodos.’