Because you care. Because deep down inside somewhere there is a part of you who would never hurt an animal of any species.

Because that part of you is who you truly are.

Because you’ve been programmed by your culture, by the meat and dairy adverts, by the widespread use and abuse of other species which is all you’ve ever known, to see the sanctity of life as nothing at all, and that’s broken your heart, deadened your soul. It’s cut you off from wonder, gentleness, awe, respect and left you an unfeeling unfulfilled, half alive, unconscious consumer.

That was the plan.

Because animals are as conscious as you or I, and in many ways far more so, though they lack our words, they feel the same primal emotions at least as acutely, terror when faced with a murderer, pain when pieces are cut off them without anaesthetic, frustration which drives them out of their minds in the agonies of confinement so they can never move.

Because billions of souls who feel it as keenly as you would are living in darkened barns of hell, are taken from their mothers and isolated from birth, knowing not a moments kindness, only misery, neglect, suffering and brutal terrifying deaths.

Because animal agriculture is the cause of 50% of global warming, is poisoning our oceans with billions of tons of toxic animal faeces, so that large dead zones are appearing where nothing can live or grow.

Because animal agriculture is responsible for our rainforests being burnt to the ground at an acre per minute, whole ecosystems and living communities of other species, just destroyed so that we have more land to grow crops for cattle or raise grass fed cows.

Because the demand for meat and dairy in wealthier countries drives up the price of world grain and people in poorer countries can no longer afford to eat. 80% of the world’s food is fed to livestock, whilst 24,000 people a day die of starvation.

Because the underground aquifers which took billions of years to form are almost run dry, being siphoned off by factory farms around the world.

Because climate scientists say that if we don’t all turn to a vegan diet now, then within a short period of time global warming will be irreversible, the heating up of the earth, creates fissures in ice and frighteningly large amounts of methane trapped in the earth is released which heats up the earth even more.

Because eating animal products is toxic for your body, proven to create an acidification in your body where cancer can thrive, causes you to have too much protein in your diet which leaches calcium from your bones and gives you osteoporosis, and clogs up your arteries and cells so that you get heart disease and diabetes and a whole host of other ailments.

Because, right now, the only thing going to save life on earth, is for humans to make the transition from unconscious, uncaring consumers, to caring citizens of the earth who live in ways which heal the earth and harm no-one.

Because truly, your own happiness is never going to be found in power, achievements, wealth, things, or illusions, but only from living in a way which you know is part of the solution on this earth and truly living your values of kindness and compassion for all life.


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