Its taken months really to fully absorb the effect of Facebook being rendered absolutely useless as a tool for activism.

First of all, Facebook was some kind of miracle, some radically hopeful freedom, like some careless slave owner left the door to the cage open and the truth and people speaking it flooded out finally released from their age old bondage.

It felt so hopeful. Like finally the truth had a place it could emerge and transform the dominant cultural paradigm of brainwashed, selfish, violent, apathetic consumers.

I watched as the Facebook of old enabled pages to grow naturally according to the interest they generated, as my community page speaking the truth about the animals, other community pages speaking the truth about political corruption, grew like proverbial wildfire.

We all grew up in a world where rarely did anyone find a platform to reach a wider audience than our immediate family or friends or people we could reach through leafletting in the street. The publishers and producers of mainstream media were a closed shop. We were imprisoned utterly in the way Tina Cubberley describes so well in this talk (see link below), being fed highly toxic information, kept passive and silent, controlled and manipulated, like mental and spiritual babies.

Then for a while there, through Facebook, the violently oppressed had found their voice. The truth was getting out. About everything.

I watched as literally hundreds more people each day came to my community page. Watched as this happened to other pages, and whilst we all collectively began to face some painful horrific truths, simultaneously something inside us was celebrating our freedom and the potential for using this free media outlet to finally liberate ourselves and all the oppressed animals and people’s of this world, even the earth herself, from the evil and tyranny which those who have the power and money, the psychopaths who have ruled this world and dominated, controlled and manipulated society for millennia.

They couldn’t let that continue could they? So first, suddenly, overnight, the people coming to our pages, dropped in number by half. A few months later again the same thing happened. Then again, and again. A button appeared at the bottom of each post offering to sell us back our audience. Not that activists had the money to pay for their freedom to be given back to them, but for those who tried this button and paid for their posts to be shared to a wider audience again, they said that it made virtually no difference anyway. The button offering us to pay for our freedom didn’t actually work anyway. This was all just Facebook selling out to corporate evil who infiltrated its mechanisms some way and utterly sabotaged it rendering it useless as a tool for spreading truth and creating social change.

The slave owners figured out a way to shut the door on truth again.

So many of us are still dealing psychologically with this blow. Many are continuing to bash their heads against the cage door. Still persist in thinking Facebook is a tool for activism. But anyone honestly appraising the effectiveness of their efforts, must surely have noticed, that Facebook, now, is nothing more than a forum where we can connect with friends whose pages we intentionally go to visit.

What I notice though as I’ve begun to watch the growing number of Truth movement videos on Youtube, is there is springing up of a whole network of Truth TV. Either via radio podcast interviews, or people recording live footage through their webcams, or those who have more technical know how who have produced their own documentaries… more and more truth is out there everyday. More and more people are abandoning lamestream media in droves, particularly the young and creating their own Truth media alternative.

Even as we do create these alternative forms of Truth TV, the evil cabal who control everything as best they can for their own profit and gain, who seek to remain in power and unchallenged as they always have been, are controlling what comes up in search engines. This is an information war and everything is at stake, literally, the animals continued torture suffering and death for passive consumer pleasures, the souls of those apathetic uncaring brainwashed consumers, even the future of life on earth.

As Tina Cubberley says so well in this talk, we must not seek to be published, produced or represented by the mainstream control systems and media of this world, but reject it for the evil it is. Create instead our own, self governed, channels of spreading the truth in a world of lies via other, less controlled social media outlets, we must seek out wherever there is a gate open for truth and use it. Not remain stuck bashing our heads against the Facebook closed cage door.



2 thoughts on “FACEBOOK

  1. Like you vegan from the heart i too felt that rise of truth freedom and got so so excited and intensely obsessed staying up for 3, 4 or 5 nights. I did not know a left from right click on the computer but i sure as hell was going to learn as this was it. in my mind, we were off. The truth was so rapidly blurting out i just thought, now there is no stopping us..I joined groups where i would be the messenger posting as much as i could thinking the divided groups and pages from all cultures of life were going to end up merging in to One Global Family..

    As quick as this happened it seemed to be an even quicker to abruptly end leaving a lot of us freedom fighters in shock as the truth started to dwindle. In it’s place came posts that were rooted from evil crashing into our space and it was gone. i felt and still feel like an army invaded us on facebook. The filthy evil money had found it’s way back into our lives infiltrating us with lies and stories that were once again dividing us..

    I feel so alone on facebook at times, like i am on a different planet from everyone else..It was 3 years ago i started with internet..Today as i write this my new computer is wrecked after 4 or 5 weeks. I am targeted like i am a plague still seeking truth. I got heavily into exposing the evil oil giants becoming a target for the paid trolls. Bp and Monsanto are our governments masters..

    I will never give up fighting for all the evil to stop…I would rather be alone speaking out for justice than in a crowd who are spreading and spamming us with lies.They are simply the people who are not the elite and not activists. I feel we have created a new race that are more evil that the corrupt elitists..

    Sorry as this has turned into a personal comment as i feel angry with the evil money for grinding us to a stop..
    Thanks for your devotion to our beautiful creatures..I love your page

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