Last night I watched a film about the Rwandan genocide in 1994. It started out as some kind of military coup, but then everyone joined in, all the Hutu people just began massacring all the Tutsi people. It would be like, if everyone in UK were really racist and everyone hated Muslims, despised and wished to be rid of them.

Imagine if everyone in Uk who wasn’t Muslim, after some behind the scenes covert planning, making lists of every Muslim family in the country, suddenly one day went out with machetes and their list and began systematically massacring all the Muslims….the plan being to keep going till there wasn’t one left alive.

The story focused on this one school in a city in Rwanda where hundreds of Tutsi people had gone for safety because UN soldiers were there and they thought they would protect them. What was interesting was the way they showed the change in people as the day came when the Hutu began the killing.

Missionary workers at the school who regularly shopped at Hutu shops and worked with Hutu people, suddenly experienced this new side to people they’d never seen before. A really dark side. Like the Hutu people’s usual friendly disposition was some kind of mask they could take off at will and suddenly now they were not only displaying extreme racism toward the Tutsi, but there was something else about them too. Something which reminded me about non vegans.

Something about the expression on their faces, of a person who knows they’ve chosen the dark side, knows they are doing wrong, but are going to do it anyway, no matter what you say.

They were not only massacring and committing heinous atrocities of violence and cruelty, but they were enjoying it, the belligerence, displaying callous cackling laughter in the face of a sincere missionary who just stared at them from a place of complete sanity amongst the lunacy. They loathed the missionary’s ‘‘goodness’’, they laughed at it. Swung their machetes over piles of dead bodies and laughed in the face of goodness.

Yes… really, very little difference between them and a belligerent non vegan.


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