The Dream



“That’s why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

George Carlin

I just realized the last few years I’ve been mapping out hell. Cataloguing the atrocities whilst almost everyone remains in the consensus trance of normal, seeing none of it. I was in that trance too, the dream…we all fell for that one to a large extent, even if we were fighting against it and always seeking deeper truths. Nobody escaped the saturation of our consciousness with ‘the dream’.

When I first saw, I woke up. I remember the first few days walking around with this horror inside me and the overwhelming urge to tell everyone I encountered, but looking at everyone and seeing so clearly they were in this trance of normal. Normal being this really small worldview only really centred on our personal concerns, with only the vaguest understanding, hints we pay little attention to, of what’s actually going on beyond our personal world.

But when you wake up to care about the world beyond your small social circle, really care, then you see we are all in hell.

I mean, hundreds of billions of animals are being hyper confined, mutilated, raped, having their babies stolen, are brutally slaughtered, terrified and neglected throughout their whole lives, every year, for humans pleasure, habit or convenience.

That’s reality. That and the fact that half of the humans on the earth’s lives are based in the consumption not only of the tortured animals, but also in the enslavement and persecution of the other half of the world. One half lives lives of consumption, whilst the other half labor under brutal oppressive regimes, so that companies in the west get better profits…and westerners get better bargains.

Reality is the earth is being catastrophically demolished, an acre per second of rainforest filled with life is burnt to the ground to graze intentionally bred animals or grow crops to feed them for the meat and dairy industry. Our oceans so polluted with toxic waste from the farms and abattoirs that large dead zones are appearing where nothing can live or grow.

When most humans main activity is gorging on the tortured flesh or stolen babies milk of others, then the people who are doing the killing and baby stealing for them, who are funded with their every purchase, these are the people going to grow richest in the world.

So now we also have psychopaths who are the richest most influential people in the world, all of their actions driven and paid for, by people who are…. living ‘the dream’.


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