Walking The Talk


Its astounding the frequency with which non vegans continually refer to their abuse of other species without even realizing they’re doing it. Usually to describe how affronted they are that someone treated them like they were ‘nothing more than an animal’ – how hard they were worked, how little they were respected, how terrible the conditions they were forced to endure, how insignificant their soul or lives were to their abuser. Yet they talk about it as if there is no problem with abusing animals that way, their only problem is that they themselves are being treated the way they treat animals!

flogging a dead horse
straw that broke the camel’s back
kill two birds with one stone
letting the cat out of the bag

I can’t think of the other commonly used metaphors just now, but usually non vegans make a reference to one of them or just have to mention what they ate, what they are going to eat, their nice new leather bag or shoes. Whatever it is, animal abuse references are in almost everything they say.

In all the ‘truth movement’ videos I’ve watched, or the ‘occupy movement’ footage I notice that I am all caught up listening to what is being said then suddenly out of the blue is this one word or whole sentence metaphor which refers to their own abuse of animals. In that moment my own mind is flooded with the greatest horror, my heart breaking for the hundreds of billions of animals in living hell right now, suffering like no human ever has…..at these people’s hands. Takes me a good few minutes further in their talk or video to even resume fully listening because part of me is so revolted, so outraged, that I’m listening to a person who couldn’t care less about their own tortured victims and here they are with ‘The cheek of the Devil’ complaining they’re beginning to be treated the very way they treat their victims.

As I face this almost universal schism this complete lack of concern for the horrific suffering of animals in the vast majority of the human population….I cannot help but take some comfort from the knowledge that they have no solution to their own situation, their own abuse, because they are so unwilling to look at the root cause of the problem. The solution, ironically, is staring up at them, is right there on their plates, but they’re too damned greedy and uncaring to see it.

Whilst for humans in their self preoccupation their own story is the only one they talk or think about…to any off planet observer the only story on earth which matters….is the one where 7 billion souls, tortured and killed hundreds of billions of other souls every year, totally trashing the earth in the damage their torture and abuse industries caused, until there was no life on earth left for them to torture and kill.

Till they were in fact. ‘Dead as dodos.’



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